{ June 20, 1949 - August 22, 2006 }

Gary L. Hicks was born June 20, 1949, to Aubrey Melvin Hicks and Ouida Davis Hicks of Memphis, formerly of Maynard, Arkansas. Gary would have graduated with the Westwood Class of 1967, but he dropped out after his sophomore year and joined the Navy. He served in the Vietnam War and achieved the rank of Seaman First Class during his four-year term in the Navy. He then reenlisted in the Navy Reserves and achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer while doing some computer organization for the government.

Gary got his GED while serving in the Navy and went on to get his bachelor's degree, and then his master's degree and in later years he obtained a Project Manager Certification as well. He held a few sales positions over the years and eventually ended up working around computer environments. His last job was with IBM. He worked out of his home over the last few years, to spend more time with his family.

His hobbies included racing motorcycles in the desert in the early 70's and scuba diving. Gary excelled at diving by getting multiple diving certifications in advanced diving, wreck diving, rescue diving and master diving.

In the last years of his life, Gary had developed an increasing closeness to Jesus Christ his Lord. This was demonstrated by his involvement within his church and outside his church in other ministries.

Gary's final home here, was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After battling cancer for 3 years, the Lord called Gary home on August 22, 2006. He is survived by his wife, Linda Hicks; two daughters, Michelle Spencer and Kathleen Hicks, both of Tuscaloosa; one brother, Timothy Hicks of Memphis; his parents, Aubrey Melvin and Ouida Davis Hicks of Memphis; 3 grandchildren and several cousins from Randolph County. His body was laid rest in Stokes, Arkansas, at the Washington Road Cemetery.