Football 1,2;

Baseball 1,2;

Latin Club 1,2;

International Relations 3,4;

Math Club 1,2,3;

F.B.L.A. 4;

Student Council 1,3

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Loomis Baxter "Sonny" McFall Jr., passed away on 29 January, 2010, after a long illness and hospitalization. To fulfill his desires his cremains were transported to his birth place in Caruthersville, MO where he was interred next to his mother and father.

Loomis Baxter McFall Jr. "aka, Sonny or Sonny Mac", graduated from Memphis State University with both a BA and MA in psychology. Upon graduation he started a long career within the state of Tennessee. He began by providing psychological counseling at several institutions. He then changed gears and became a self taught information technology professional. In this capacity he served in teaching positions at several of the Technology Centers in west Tennessee. He finally settled at the flagship center of the system in Memphis. Here he became the preeminent network engineer within the entire Tennessee system for Technology Centers. Sonny was routinely sought out for his knowledge throughout the state. Everyone in the system knew him.